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Trauma Cleaning Australia works discreetly with families and friends of those who are unable to take care of their property due to physical or mental limitations and need help with hoarder clean-up. Very few people realise the potential of biohazard and sharps found in cases where a hoarder has accumulated clutter and rubbish that hide an item that can injury unsuspected people attempting to clean, sometimes leading to the transmission of serious and fatal diseases. In addition to moving mounds of material, these hoarding situations are often exacerbated by filth, unknown bacteria growth, and human or animal faeces or remains. At this point, it is vital you call a company that specialises in Biohazard Cleanup such as Trauma Cleaner Australia, so you don’t have the deal with the dangerous nature of this task.

When someone you know or close to you is not able to move out of their home it is often a telling sign or a potential case of Hoarding House. Hoarding is a disorder that makes someone unable to discard or leave possessions because a wrong perception of needing them. Excessive hoarding creates a dangerous fire hazard, which is a risk to all residents and neighbours as well. Very often, the hoarding, gross filth or squalor contaminated properties are filled with sharp items and hazardous materials buried and hidden beneath the clutter susceptible to injure anyone attempting to handle it.

Hoarder House Decluttering Services in Australia

Trauma Cleaner Australia professional Hoarder, Gross Filth and Squalor Clean Up technicians in some instances, have found rodent droppings, mould, insect infestations and even human waste or at worst, a dead body of the hoarder himself. All of these a significant health risk without appropriate protective gear and must be cleaned and decontaminated.
When Trauma Cleaning biohazard remediation technicians enter a hoarder cleaning or gross filth property, we understand the nature of the disorder and the inability of hoarders to sometimes recognise the issue. People with hoarding issues cannot see it as a problem, making the treatment very difficult and as a result, our technicians work in making them part of the solution. During the disposal process, we safeguard all the items with either perceived or real value. Some of the most common items we help our clients keep including collectables, family photographs, cash, insurance policies, antiques and jewellery. The goal of our Hoarder Cleaning, Squalor and Gross Filth Cleaning technicians is to ensure that no clutter is left behind. As an accredited and insured biohazard disposal and remediation company, we can provide complete solutions for hoarding scenes.

Symptoms of Compulsive Hoarding

The act of getting and saving an excessive number of items which results in gradual buildup of clutter and mess in a property, combining with the inability of the resident to throw some items away can be early warning signs of a hoarding disorder, which occurs often from teenage to early adulthood. By middle age, the gradual build-up of clutter can be significant if not treated, the disorder more difficult to treat and the clutter more complex to cleanup.

Quite often, no one notices the hoarding case until it becomes severe and a house becomes so cluttered that residents can’t move properly inside, and the hoarding disorder has developed significantly before it reaches attention to other people.

The symptoms can include:

  • Excessive acquiring items despite the lack of space and the lack of need
  • Clutter building to the point of filling entire rooms that become unusable
  • From the person in question, sometimes indecisiveness, procrastination, and avoidance
  • Excessive need to save up items and getting upset at the idea of throwing items away, regardless of their value

Some reasons why a hoarder may want to save items

  • Need to save items that are perceived as unique and may be needed in the future
  • Emotional attachments to items, as they remind some happier or nostalgic memories
  • The feeling of safety being surrounding by things they might need
  • They don’t want to waste anything

If a loved one shows symptoms of hoarding, it is advised to seek out a doctor or mental health professional as soon as possible. For more severe cases where the clutter can take several days of cleaning, get in touch with a Professional and Specialised Cleaning Company who specialised in bioremediation. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of situation and will handle the rest.

Trauma Cleaner Australia | Biohazard Cleanups for Hoarding Houses and Filth in Australia

Trauma Cleaner Australia is your first choice for cases involving rubbish and biohazard often found in clutter of hoarding, squalor and gross filthy homes often outside the skillset of a regular cleaner. We provide specialised cleaning in Biohazard Remediation, Hoarder Cleaning, Squalor Cleanup and Gross Filth Cleaning in properties and vehicles in all states across Australia in New South Wales (NSW), Victoria (VIC), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Tasmania (TAS). Our cities and suburbs include and are not limited to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.

We service all individuals and groups facing the arduous and hazardous task to clean the mess, clutter and rubbish produced by hoarding disorders, sewage contamination or general gross filth in houses. Our clients range from homeowners, real estate agents, property investors, insurance companies and government agencies.

To speak to Trauma Cleaner Australia’s Biohazard Remediation Technicians, to get additional information of our services such as quotation, scope of work and reach, leave us a message or call 1300 246 429. We operate year-round, 7 days a week and on call 24/7 to aid families and individuals going through traumatic events.

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